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Phosphates are natural minerals needed by the human body. There are absolutely no health considerations in case phosphate-treated potable water is consumed continuously. The phosphorus intake by the human body is per average 3,400 - 4,300 mg P2O5 per day. Based on the fact that per day two litres of water treated with max. 5 ppm phosphate (as P2O5) are consumed, the average daily P2O5 intake by potable water is 10 mg, less than 0.3 % of the total P2O5 intake. It should also be noted that the average phosphate intake per person and day should not drop below 1,500 - 2,000 mg P2O5 per day to avoid deterioration of the human body.

Average daily phosphorus intake by the human body (Europe)
P2O5 (mg/day)
Meat 446
Sausage 365
Milk 534
Cheese 300
Bread 696
Alcoholic beverage 469
Miscellaneous 1,000
Treated wate 10
Total 3,824


Note: There is no difference between organic phosphorus and inorganic phosphorus as in the digestion system all phosphorous compounds are converted to ortho-phosphate.


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